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Updated on: July 4, 2022

A native advertisement is a difficult job. It is important for a native advertiser to really understand his audience and one way to do it is to understand the techniques used by successful competitors and know their deepest secrets.

Anstrex is a native ad spy tool which is designed for this purpose. As the moniker of ad spy suggests Anstrex spies on other advertisement networks and allows your business to boom by giving you information on what ads are needed to get people’s attention.

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Build Your Campaign 

Anstrex and other native ad spy tools help you to build campaigns by seeing what works for others in the business. It saves you marketing dollars by spying on other advertisement networks and you get access to all that information. Anstrex has a big advantage on its competitor spy tools like Native Ad Buzz as it has 27 advertisement networks where Native AD Buzz has 10 and companies like Advault and Adplexity aren’t a lot better with their 13 and 7 advertisement networks.

The 27 ad networks gives Anstrex users access to 10 million plus ads. This huge number is far above the 5 million, 8 million and 700k of some of its biggest competitors. Its safe to say that Anstrex gives the most reliable assessment of native ad situations and the most feedback of any spy tool. The bigger your business the more use you will have of such a gargantuan database.

anstrex tool

Keep Your Costs Down

 Anstrex has ad networks in 31 countries and has a leg up on its competitors. Adplexity has a good coverage as well with 27 countries but none of them can compete with Anstrex in its volume and diversity of ads. All this comes at a price which you might expect to be high but its cheaper than the competition.

The best value package for Anstrex subscription is the Ultimate subscription which costs $60 a month. Its incredibly cheap in comparison to its competitors while undermining them on all other fronts as well. Native Ad Buzz is the cheapest competitor that can hold its own and even then it costs $97 a month. The other big competitors Advault and Adplexity cost $250 a month so unless you’re a big business you’ll not make back the money you spend on their tools by the information you gather from them. Its a waste of resources in light of the amazing value which Anstrex gives.

The Ultimate subscription which costs $60 a month comes with access to all 27 ad networks and 31 countries. You get access to affiliate filters and affiliate offer wall so you can see which affiliate offers others in the business are choosing and there are plenty of filters to get you to your intended goals.

There are also Standard and Custom subscriptions for $40 and $50 a month. They give access to 2 ad networks and 1 country and there is no affiliate offer wall. The country isn’t a choice in either even though the custom moniker may suggest otherwise as its just USA. The difference between Standard and Custom subscriptions comes from the choice of ad networks. Standard users will have access to Outbrain and Taboola. Custom users will have a choice of any 2 networks from the 31 available networks. The difference in price can’t offset the poor value of these subscriptions as for just $20 above the Standard and $10 above the Custom subscriptions you get access to 29 more ad networks and 30 other countries and to put the cherry on top you get the affiliate offer wall which is essential in a campaign.

Affiliate Ads 

Affiliate marketing is a key strategy of a big enterprise. The affiliate works on a performance merit and you as a business owner reward the affiliate on a per customer basis. It is important to have good affiliate advertisements to reach the biggest possible audience. Affiliate offer wall helps to find the best affiliate ads. The offer wall is available in the Ultimate subscription and it allows you to see when an affiliate ad offer was first seen and seen at the latest. The domain is displayed and you get to see the details you require.

The affiliate ads and native ads on other sites are tracked and you have access to it all. Anstrex has Alexa and SimilarWeb integration which gives you access to the sources of clicks they get so you’ll understand their demographics which might potentially be your demographics. Use your marketing efforts where its useful. This will save you money and make your campaigns effective if you use it right.

Anstrex is an amazing native ad spy which is well above its competitors. The Ultimate subscription is the best deal you’ll get on spy software but the Standard and Custom subscriptions are underwhelming. They are not useful for medium to big enterprises and the cost is high for a small and fledgling business. Go for the Ultimate subscription for reaching out to a whole new audience.

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