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Updated on: May 5, 2020

Android is most widely used Mobile OS in this universe & I believe it narrowing the connectivity of people using some great apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Nimbuzz & GTalk etc. This ubiquitous technology helping us to gather any person from various regions  to do collaborative chit-chatting, which might be a serious or funny chatting sessions :D.Most probably this kind of communication is done via our native language, as we know that there are from 6800 to 6900 distinct languages in the modern world.

How on earth we can forgot our mother tongue?, though we are more proficient in english.Right? 😉


Recently I connected with one of my neighbour who is  living in USA, we had long chats many times but after few interesting tweeting sessions he asked me to type into our native language "Marathi", As we are chatting from WhatsApp and Nimbuzz. It's pretty hard for me to type in marathi as my android device don't have such facility. That time I was using Google transliterate web-interface to copy and paste marathi words into apps. My geeky mind always poking me that this is not an optimal solution for such simple task.

After searching & trying many apps from PlayStore, I found a perfect free app called "Google Hindi Input ". Google hindi input is nothing but devanagari keyboard for your android, Which ultimately  help you to type in your native devanagari languages(hindi/marathi) seamlessly like Google Transliterate.

Installing Hindi/Marathi keyboard  on Android :

1. Download  & install Google Hindi Input app

2. Navigate to " Settings-> Language & Input "


3. Select "Google hindi input" and make it default too.


4. Now navigate to any app where your keyboard will come and start typing into devanagari languages.

WhatsApp marathi typing

Why to use Google hindi Input :

1. Its FREE ! & easy to install.

2. UI and UX is much familiar with existing Android keyboard.


3. One key 'language switch' option.

4. Great word prediction with customised settings.

Note: This application is compatible with Android devices who is above Android version 4.0, if you  send message to lower version of android  smartphone then it will not be readable at receivers end.  It because android officially started supporting this after 4.0 OS update.

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    1. Yes Shivanand, its already present in iOS but this is much simple and faster in typing than iOS, lets say i want to type "शिवानंद", I still use english keyboard and type "shivanand" in english but it will show you in marathi !

      1. Thanks for useful information but I am unable to get translation from english to marathi after downloading and making it default.ex as u given of shiv anand.l et me know how to do that

  1. Hello sir
    thanks for posting this type information it is very useful information for every Indian which want to type in Hindi as well as Marathi also.

  2. Hi,
    In India, most of peoples are non-english speaking. So there are also the need of hindi and other territorial keyword type. It seems very useful for printing the magazine in hindi and marthi.

  3. very useful software
    you type in English and characters get typed in Marathi. Only problem i am facing is if i want to type "अॅ" i cannot type it on google hindi input on android I can type अॅ on computer
    can some body guide on this

      1. Dear Saurabh,

        Thank you for your prompt reply and hope you can resolve the issue asap. Earlier I was using HTC explorer and in that phone there was a similar function as there is in google hindi input. for that phone I did not downloaded google hindi input. Also if I want to write "अॅपल" I use to write it in similar fashion as it is written above. May be you can have a look at it for your reference.
        thanking you once again
        manoj lele

  4. This is of course a good post and "transliteration" is no doubt the best method to type native language using Roman script / your usual keyboard..
    But मराठी लोक नेहमीप्रमाणे दुधाची तहान ताकावर भागवतायत.
    इतके दिवस झाले पण अजूनही गुगलला मराठीसाठी वेगळे अॅप्लिकेशन लिहावे लागले नाही. कारण मराठ्यांकडून तशी मागणीच नाही! हिन्दी कीबोर्ड मिळाला की लागले आपल्या भाषेची सोय झाल्यासारखे उड्या मारायला!
    त्यामुळेच मराठी असे मार्केट कधी तयार होत नाही, आणि त्याच्यासाठी कोणी काही प्रॉडक्ट बनवत नाहीत.

    Any way, the reason people are facing problems with writing Marathi-specific letters is precisely because the transliteration tool is meant to be used by Hindi, which has no provision for such letters. (Examples: ळ, र्‍या / र्या, ऑ किंवा अ‍ॅ इत्यादी.) Same is true for punctuation marks such as full-stop (पूर्णविराम vs चरणादंड).
    हिन्दीमध्ये ऐ आणि औ या अक्षरांचे उच्चार हे आपल्या मराठीतील अनुक्रमे अ‍ॅ आणि ऑ यांसारखे होतात. त्यामुळे त्यांना या निराळ्या उच्चारचिंन्हाची गरजच भासत नाही.
    आणि आपण आपले भिकार्‍यासारखे हिन्दी कीबोर्डामध्ये आमच्या मराठी भाषेच्या गरजा भागवा असे सुचवत बसतो. जसा तमिळला किंवा कन्नडला आहे तसा आम्हाला आमच्या भाषेचा स्वतंत्र कीबोर्ड द्या असे म्हणत नाही!
    आणि त्यामुळेच मार्केटमध्ये अजूनही मराठीसाठीचे एकही "transliteration" प्रॉडक्ट नाही! All of them are either special-purpose keyboards - that need separate training and hence never see any wide acceptance - or are sad clones from Hindi transliteration tools - that do not really cater to requirements of Marathi language..

  5. btw, गूगलचे हे अॅप्लिकेशन हिंदीत "भाषांतरित" (Translate - converting the language) करत नाही, तर "लिप्यंतरीत" (Trans-literate - converting the script) करते. (Of course, that's precisely what is needed. आणि अर्थातच त्यामुळेच ते बर्‍याच प्रमाणात मराठीतही खपून जाते.)
    (वरील चित्रांत "भाषांतर" हा शब्द वापरला आहे, म्हणून हा खुलासा.)

    Google does have separate products for "Translation" as well.

    1. Simply because there is no market demand for it.
      If Marathi people are just using Hindi software, why spend time/money/efforts on building a separate Marathi software?
      If Marathi people can talk to a Hindi call-centre executive without even protesting, why provide them an option to speak in Marathi? (for your telephone, bank, Insurance, DTH and all sorts of call-centres!)
      If Marathi people can read poorly translated (from English/Hindi) advertisements without complaining, why hire Marathi copy-writers for developing proper Marathi translation? Why even develop and broadcast Marathi advertisements, if Hindi versions just work as well?
      If none uses Marathi language for ATM transactions, why ensure that the option to use Marathi actually works?!
      If Marathi people - of their own volition - start speaking Hindi in hotels and cinemas, why recruit staff that is conversant in Marathi?!
      If we never protest when shopkeepers/salesmen/mall-employees in Marathi heartland treat us like Hindi-speakers and coyly accept a Hindi conversation (not English - because we're scared of that language! Hindi is our "own"!), then why would those folks make efforts to start the conversation in Marathi?
      Such freedom/leeway is not available with Bengali or Tamil or Kannada speakers, and that is why companies actually INVEST in developing specific products for these languages FROM SCRATCH.
      We never ask to be taken seriously on our linguistic matters.
      We are happy if companies treat Marathi as a "dialect" of Hindi and if they presume that all Marathi speakers would understand Hindi very well.
      In such a case, Marathi deserves to be a dialect of Hindi, and lose all its unique features, including additional letters...
      That is the ultimate fate the language has..

      So why Marathi is a second-class citizen in matters of technology is only a logical fall-out of why it never claims to be a full-citizen in matters of brick-and-mortar world!

      If these general issues are not going to be fixed, why would anyone pay special attention to some "Transliteration software in Marathi"?!

      If at all anyone does it, it would be only as a last remaining step of the project - Start with Hindi, then Bengali, then Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada/Telagu/Gujarathi etc.. and then after all other languages & scripts are covered (such as Urdu-Arabic, Punjabi-Gurumukhi, Sindhi-Arabic..) and those markets fully supported, touch Marathi to see if any refinements are needed specific to Marathi "dialect"!

  6. फैझ यांच्या मतांशी मी बराचसा सहमत आहे. मराठी देवनागरी लिपी संस्कृत देवनागरीला जास्त जवळची असूनही केवळ जनसंख्याबळावर अँड्रॉइड वर देवनागरीसंबंधात हिंदीला प्राधान्य दिले आहे ही दुर्दैवी गोष्ट आहे. युनिकोडमध्ये सर्व देवनागरी खुणा आहेत. विंडोज मध्येही गुगल मराठी इनपुट च्या सहाय्याने मराठी देवनागरी नीट वापरता येते. स्मार्टफोनवर गुगल ऐवजी इतर अॅप वापरणे सोयीचे होते हे गुगलच्या ध्यानात आणून देण्यासाठी तरी अनेकजणांनी जमेल तेव्हा स्मार्टफोनवर मराठी देवनागरीचा उपयोग करणे, ते करण्यासाठी वापरलेल्या प्रोग्राम बद्दल लिहिणे व गुगल हिंदी इनपुटमधील तृटी दाखवणे जरुरीचे आहे. It is funny that this site does not accept a comment if it contains only Devnaagaree. It is returning an error that the comment is too short, when in fact, it is longer than some of the earlier comments in English.

  7. I found this app which is specifically developed by IIT Bombay for typing in Marathi. It has a pretty intuitive interface that aids in speedy typing and more importantly, support all Marathi specific characters. Search for Swarachakra Marathi Keyboard on Google Playstore

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