Best Android Game Apps For the Kid at Heart

Updated on: October 25, 2019

Android is now booming platform for smartphone,day by day the development in android is growing very fast,If  you are game lover and want to explore more from your small screen devices then here are some apps that help you to enjoy your kid life.


Android Games for Kids

Mortal Combat 3: Fallen Nation

It is one of the good  one person shootout game.The game is fully of adventures and treasures its performance is really good ,The visual effects are more clear and with great readability . The game is elaborate about  one of the story where“an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States.” Their are lots of weapons you will get during game-play ,you have to tackle each situation according to instructions ,Its having Multiplayer game option also, for up to 12 peoples at a time

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After watching above video you come across the idea behind this game,its really great game.I personally like this game and recommended every one to play at least one time

UNO FREE - Apps on Android Market

UNO FREE - Apps on Android Market

Uno Free

Its  very cool card game which take you into your past,where you played most of card games physically.The effect and graphics are good.This game having lots of option for playing like you can play person vs CPU, or Person to Person or within your friend circle or family by using Wi-Fi connection.Multiplayer game-play performance  is really customization which make it more thing is its Free !!!


Fruit Ninja

Its a really FRESH games ,which attract you to cut the various and delicious fruits for several times.Graphics and performance of game is really appreciable ,In this we have to cut the lots of fruits using different swords and avoid the various bombs.Cutting any bomb by mistake you loose your game play,Its available for 1.24$

Drag Racing - Apps on Android Market

Drag Racing - Apps on Android Market

Drag Racing

Racing is the challenge for anyone ,here same thing is applicable ,but its in virtual world 😀 Drag race is another best games available for android smart phones which enables you to feel the Speed Winning movement.Their are several cars, accessories are available which enhance your car performance. NOS are fully up-gradable.Online and offline challenges make more practice in the racing arena.Graphics of game is really awesome

Cut the Rope - Apps on Android Market

Cut the Rope - Apps on Android Market

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope will really cut all your gaming addiction 🙂 seriously its a really powerful and award winning game !!! I personally like it ,it cost you around 0.99$.The game is all about to survive the feeding item from the various enemies and blocking path by cutting the rope at appropriate your timing is very much important to survive you.So grab it now

Front line Commando Android  Download

Frontline commando

The game is fully of war and mission ,you have to survive some of the commandos who are in prison by the enemies.Game play focus on various tasks that we have to complete it in time.Deadly weapons help you to fight with the  opponent.Herr strategy and accuracy work for sure.So it avail both adventure mission and strategy.


3D Bowling - Apps on Android Market

3D Bowling - Apps on Android Market

3D Bowling

Its haring very great UI  and graphics ,which make it more attractive for bowling lovers.The game is available for FREE.The game itself shows some 3d effects.Their are various levels are their to crack the challenge  using several bowling balls.Lt keep log of your entire gaming history.Online play is not available.


Gem Miner Dig Deeper - Apps on Android Market

Gem Miner Dig Deeper - Apps on Android Market

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

Gem Miner focus on the hidden underground materials that we want to find out during game play,various mines are their and from that we may get different types of substance like torches , ladders and many more.Graphics is very simple ,Money making is the funda behind the game.As you go with higher level the difficulties increase and you have to survive your self very fast, digging something will reward you some Gifts.It cost about $1.99

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