All the best team INDIA - Win World Cup 2011

Updated on: May 18, 2013

This is the time of summer,Rising SUN heat causes every people feel uncomfortable ,But If you are living in India then forget all about Summer heat,here the FEVER OFcricket will begin within few hours and itsICC World Cup 2011 Final match between my loving INDIA vs SRI LANKA.

Now again battle begins betweenRAM-RAVAN and this time also We not only Win this Battle but also our RAM 'Master Blaster' will complete his 100th International Cricket Century,Lets pray for India ....Go India Go.....beat the rivals and make history.

All Blog Saays member wishing team India ALL-THE BEST !!!!

If you want to watch this match exclusive on Internet cloud please follow this links.

If You have 3G on your mobile then you can watch live cricket on your mobile from  this link,to watch this you needUCwebBrowser install on your mobile and also mobile having Realplayer.

Note: To watch live match on your PC or laptop you need Adobe Flash plugin install on your machine.

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