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Updated on: July 4, 2022
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It is almost the end of 2017 and we are all geared up for the final few international conferences to end the year on a profitable note. It is important for people connected to Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO/SMO, Blogging to actively attend such events so that they learn what, when, why and how to do stuff to become successful.

Marketer who learn dynamic nature of industry only evolve & sustain in his/her verticals

Today I’m going to share my views and experience about that Affiliate World Asia 2017 conference. One of the most anticipated year-end, international affiliate conferences that brought influencers, experts and beginners every single across the globe and many important and polarizing figures together.

Affiliate World Asia

I was a part of this 3 day event and it was probably the best experience I could end the year with. In this article, I will share everything you need to know about AWA 2017 including brief descriptions, highlights, attractions, the event and venue arrangements, personal and professional experiences during and after the event.


(Quick history)

Affiliate World Asia (AWA) is an affiliate marketing and Internet marketing event under the super-group of Affiliate World Conferences organized by the personnel from Stack That Money. The first-ever event was held at a much smaller scale in Bangkok, back in 2014, which was then followed by the STM London event in March 2015.

AWA 2017

Next thing we know, they decided to take things to a much bigger scale and started the Affiliate Marketing Conferences with a thought of connecting all the important names of Affiliate marketing by doing a couple of big events every year. If you ask me, they have done brilliantly so far!


The Affiliate World Asia 2017 was held at Bangkok, Thailand from 6-8th December, 2017. The venue of the event was

"Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, LEVEL 22, 999/99 RAMA 1 ROAD, PATHUMWAN, BANGKOK 10330, THAILAND"

The first week Of December gave us a “mouth-watering” series of two back to back major international events in the form of the Blockchain World Conference 2017 and the AWA 2017. The Blockchain World Conference was held on 4th December 2017 and was followed 2 days later by the AWA 2017 on 6th December 2017.

Saurabh Mukhekar

This year MOBIDEA, Mobvista, Terra Leads and Yeah Mobi were  “Diamond sponsors” as they call it. The prime agendas of this international conference covered a wide range of topics and issues relating to topics like

  • Super-affiliates
  • CPA, CPI networking
  • e-commerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Advertising: Facebook Live & Influencers Marketing


Knowledge and experience were in the air when this list of speakers took the stage at Affiliate World Asia, 2017. These are some of the most renowned and reputed influencers and experts from the Affiliate Marketing industry from various corners of the world.

  • ALEXANDER NIX,Psychographic Data Analyst
  • NEIL PATEL,Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Hello Bar

Saurabh Mukhekar Neil Patel

  • JAMES VAN ELSWYK, Co-founder, Purple Leads
  • MARK HOUNG, Founder, Mark Houng Inc.
  • SARAH BUNDY, Founder & CEO, All Inclusive Marketing
  • RISHAN BHAGOWAT, Founder, Milky Way Media
  • MOHAMED ALI AGUEL, CEO, Digital Marketing Triumph
  • JASON KRYSKI, Co-Founder, Strawhouse Inc.
  • EARNEST EPPS , CEO, Earnest Associates
  • IDO OZ, Founder & CEO, Idoz Software Solutions
  • JENIA "JAY" YAKOVLEV, Co-founder, E-Commerce on Steroids
  • AARLO STONE FISH, Founder, Drive Ads
  • NIKET SHAH, Founder, Acceler8 Labs
  • BONNIE D'AMICO, Senior Affiliate Manager, Shopify
  • THE TAN BROTHERS, Co-founders, eCommerce Elites Mastermind
  • JASPER KURIA, Managing Partner, Conversion Wizards
  • PAUL JEYAPAL, Co-founder & CEO, Synapse Media
  • TOM CLAFLIN, Director, Nanoclicks LLC
  • KATIE HUDSON, Affiliate Partner Manager, Shopify
  • IGOR SOROKIN, Founder, Singlead
  • KYLE HITCHCOX, Co-founder, Helmkin Digital and
  • EMANUEL CINCA, Head, Adefy & STM Moderator
  • CLOE DANA, Co-founder & CMO, Dreamin
  • BENNY ZHENG, Head of Traffic Partnership, Mobvista
  • TABISH NISHAT, CEO, Outsourced Solutions
  • PATRICK DERMAK, Co-founder, Adbaker
  • LAURA ANDERSEN, Affiliate Manager, Shopify
  • BESMIR BREGASI, Director, iStack Holdings
  • DEAN SMITH, Performance Manager, Outbrain
  • KYLE CONSTANTIN, Founder, Codeface Media
  • SAM TAM, VP, AdAsia
  • ERIC DYCK, CEO, iStack Training

Eric Dyck

  • ALEXANDER MOSCOVKIN, Superaffiliate
  • ALEXEY VESELOV, Superaffiliate
  • OLEG KOLESNYK, Head of Internal Media Buying, TerraLeads
  • ANINDYA LESTARI, CEO, Vrilliant Ads
  • BEN MORSS, Developer Advocate, Google
  • TIM BURD, Co-founder, Agency Y
  • BRUCE CRAN, CEO, Direct Focus Online
  • MIKE FITZGERALD, Co-founder & President, AppThis
  • CYNTHIA DU, Managing Director, AltaMobile
  • ZIGA NAGLIC, Founder, AdPlexity
  • MIRELLA CRESPI, Founder, PixelHaus Media
  • EDWIN NG, Founder & CEO, Implus Technology
  • LUNA VEGA, Author & Co-founder,

It is always convenient for attendees of an International event that the venue offers good connectivity. What’s interesting is that Centara Grand is connected to major shopping and entertainment complexes by a skywalk and offers easy access to the mass transit systems.

For those of you who don’t know, Bangkok sports 2 different international airports. There are a number of ways to travel to the AWA venue from either of Bangkok’s international airports.

The AWA 2017 is approximately a 45-min drive from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) with the option of catching a taxi, bus or the Airport Rail Link. Similarly, it is approximately a 30-min drive from Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) with the option of catching a taxi or a bus.

The venue emanates the perfect vibe that makes you feel that you are up for something big in this event. The support and assistance from the volunteers and support crew was simply warm and excellent.

The registrations and visitor’s verifications began at 8 AM on 5th December. The first impression I had once I was granted access to the venue was that there would be around 600 affiliates gathered in the same hotel, but to my surprise, the count was even bigger. I easily estimated more than 1,000 attendees at the venue seemed completely jam-packed.

The best part of AWA 2017 is they have dedicated networking app for affiliate world Asia both for Android and iOS, which helped us to schedule meetings to targetted business before coming to the venue.

networking app for affiliate world Asia

Highlights from AWA, DAY 1

The AWA event cards were divided into 2 different stages, the Breakout stage during the early hours of the event and the Main stage after lunch. International speakers shared their methods and strategies for effective network building and other lucrative strategies for growing their businesses. Regardless of your level and what you’re looking to achieve, the speeches were great for motivation.

The Day 1 breakout stage attraction featured a “Shopify Dropshipping Workshop - Beginners” at 10:30 AM. The main stage attraction was the “Internal media buying VS Super-affiliates” at 14:30, sponsored by Terra leads.

mobidea ceo ANTOINE MOREAU


Day 1 concluded with a cocktail lounge at 18:00, sponsored by MOBIDEA, followed by a networking beer session at 19:00, sponsored by ClickDealer, mgid and Leadbit. I also received my marketing kit with notebooks, pens and other stuff including a Hangover kit from the Mpire network guys, just in case the attendees got too drunk to wake up on time for Day 2.

Panel Discussion AWA 2017

The key takeaway from Panel Discussions & Presentations:

  1. Paid marketing is essential but you should try & test it in a small way.
  2. Learning attention of your audience is really important.
  3. Human Psychology is no. 1 key factor to run campaigns. E.g Fear-based marketing, Festival offers etc.
  4. Study your audience before putting too much money in paid advertising.
  5. Focus on your mission, not someone else, learn from them but don't copy.
  6. Every niche is very dynamic so strategies worked last month may not work again.
  7. Play in shortterm then invests for the long term.
  8. Meta-learning is important.

Highlights from AWA, DAY 2

Day 2 began on a more exciting note than Day 1. The MOBIDEA guys arranged several speaker panels where they discussed different things from growing your business to 8 figures to dominating Facebook to mobile strategies and more. There were a couple panels that ended up being interesting.


The Day 2 breakout stage featured a “Shopify Dropshipping Workshop – Intermediate to Advanced” at 10:30 AM. The main stage attraction was the “The Current State of Mobile: CPI, COD, and Where the Profit is for 2018” at 14:45, sponsored by Mobvista.

Day 2 also concluded with an exclusive cocktail lounge and buffet sponsored by MOBIDEA at 18:00. I had to go out of the main hall a couple of times for some fresh air as it was overcrowded, but what I realized was that refreshments were never an issue after a tiresome day in the crowd.

Leadbit Team : Olga

Leadbit Team : Olga

The key takeaway from Panel Discussions & Presentations:

  1. Ecommerece and Dropshipping is a lucrative market but doesn't jump blindly.
  2. Select very specific products to promote, don't mess up your store with many products at the initial stage.
  3. Have a good analytics tracking team & content creation team.
  4. Use proper emojis, thumbnails for videos & title during your promotions.
  5. Reinvest 40% of your profit for new campaigns and products.
  6. Cash On Delivery is essential, provide world-class support to customers.

Highlights from AWA, DAY 3

Registrations for Day 3 began at 9 AM. The final day events took place at a different venue, Nepalal Ballroom, Dusit Thani. It focused on the Affiliate Mastery Course (AMC workshop) where they show a few case studies and guides, which I would recommend you to attend it the next time if you are new and don’t know where to start.


However, the highlight attraction for the day was Facebook live speeches given by the international speakers. It was a Facebook Mastery Live mastermind on topics like.

  • Secrets to scaling with automation
  • E-commerce veteran growth hacks
  • Ecommerce Experts Panel

The AWA After-party

An after-party is always a very sound strategy by event organizers to bring beginners and experts together on a personal level as they believe that follow-up after an even is very important to make good business.

rishan bhagowat

Rishan Bhagowat

The event finally concluded with a “Meet The Speakers” dinner at 18:00 at the Nepalal Ballroom. It was like an unofficial AWA after-party, A Facebook Mastery Live mastermind dinner with speakers and VIP guests. The after-party wasn’t just a professional, soft-spoken event. It was business happening over a party where we laughed, gagged, screamed and got personal over drinks and buffet.

AWA 2017: Selfie Moments 

The memories I captured from AWA 2017 are exquisite and precious, considering how this event can be a game changer for me. Let me show you what exactly it was all about.

These images and media are simply teasers of what you probably missed and what you can expect from the future AWA Conferences.

Why AWA is best for you? 10 reasons

Let me make this sound more poetic. You have 10 fingers, so I’ll give you 10 quick reasons as to why AWA is the best event and how it can put success at your fingertips.

  • Networking with associates from all across the globe.
  • Personalized deals
  • Tried and tested methods and strategies from the best in the field.
  • Know and understand industry trends from the expert’s point of view.
  • Listen, meet and share with industry experts over drinks and buffet.
  • Make great business with fellow affiliates.
  • New lucrative offers in many verticals.
  • Direct connection with advertisers and CPA, CPM, CPI people.
  • Best deals for offers you promote.
  • More Business and more opportunities to work in this vertical.


The Affiliate World Asia 2017 was a 3 day extravaganza from 6-8th December, 2017. Three days of sharing knowledge and expertise with the experts of the industry, imagine the experience I may have had.

AWA is somewhat like an International University, where you are the students and your teachers are experts from all across the globe in various fields of Internal Affiliate marketing and more. The event offered young affiliates like myself, solutions, guidelines, and models on how to make it big in the industry. It was nothing less than a learning experience.

I got to stand toe to toe, sharing drinks and expertise with the world’s bests for 3 damn days and that’s when I realized that AWA was lucrative both in terms of personal and professional aspects.

The world is dynamic and AWA undoubtedly keeps getting bigger and bigger and they will be back with the same vigor or maybe something bigger next year.

affiliate world europe 2018 Barcelona

Affiliate World Europe Barcelona already on the way. One lucky guy Mr. Gilson Lobo Jr won a full paid trip to AWE-Barcelona during the lucky draw at AWA17.  See you in Barcelona !!! Don't forget to book your early bird tickets now.

Affiliate World Asia
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