8 Ideas to Market Your App

Updated on: October 28, 2019

Ever wondered what our lives would be without our cell phones? It seems nearly impossible to imagine such a life. In the same lieu, no business can run without taking into consideration the fact that our average mobile using time in a day has surpassed the average TV viewing time. With this consumer behavior in mind, everything that a marketer plans revolve around the mobile devices. Whether it is to target new customers, launch a new product, or offer discounts, the businesses nowadays cannot ignore the importance of a mobile device.

It is the reason why app development has taken such a toll. With more than 2.1 million Android apps and 1.8 million Apple store apps available for the users to download, no one can shy away from the humungous importance of apps for businesses.

Why build an app?

  • For enhanced user experience
  • For reaching out to a larger audience
  • For promoting business
  • Apps are always at the fingertips of the users, hence increasing visits and sales
  • An easier and more convenient way of offering more discounts and offers
  • Increased brand exposure
  • For more effective brand marketing

Ways to market your app

After the onerous task of developing an app that is sans glitches, and that provides excellent user experience, businesses still face the challenging task of marketing it. The way businesses market their app has a direct impact on the number of app downloads and its usage.

Here are some of the top ways you can market your app:

Leveraging social media

1.Leveraging social media

Social media has become one of the powerful tools for marketers. From the ads displayed to the endless discussions about a brand or a product, social media holds power to make or break any brand. If your business has a social media page, use it to publicize your app.

One marketing tactic that works really effective is to take your target audience through the process of app creation. Take periodic updates from your chosen app development company, such as appverticals and post the app development process step by step, creating pre-launch anticipation. It increases customer engagement and commitment. Once your app is built and ready to be marketed, use your social media handles to post updates about app downloads, its reviews, user guides, and testimonials.

Reviews and testimonials from the consumers also increase the self-generated SEO, which further enhances the app marketing process.

reach out influencers

2.Reach out to the influencers

With social media guiding most of the aspects of our lives, social influencers can play an important role in app marketing. You can witness the impact beauty bloggers or celebrities have on the audience when branding a product. After all who won’t try out a makeup product if Huda Kattan has endorsed it.

In the same way, contact the influencers of your niche and offer them a discount on download. Then ask them to review your app and post it on their social media.

This way, you can use their following to your leverage and market your app.

3. Dedicate a blog

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods for app marketing. People love to read about their favorite app and what it can do. Describe in detail various aspects of your app and include a call to action at the end.

Dedicated blog

A dedicated blog to your app and business proves to be quintessential in driving increased traffic to your site or app. For instance, Dannijo, a jewelry and accessory brand founded by two sisters in 2008, has built up an empire of more than 1 million followers by dedicating a blog for their product storytelling.

4. Get users to review your app

The most understandable fact is that the more consumers review your products, the more you can use it to market your app. Encourage your app downloaders to review your app and post it on their social media accounts. It enhances the trust of other consumers and works for your advantage. Amazon reviews offer a great deal of trust to the potential consumers and increase the sales.

rating and reviews

You can offer a discount on your product or service for every consumer who downloads your app and posts a review on their social media using your keywords. It is significantly helpful in increasing your SEO.

5. Ensure your app is shareable

One of the key aspects of developing a mobile app is to make it as user-friendly as it is possible. Users get frustrated if they can’t find what they are looking for in your app. For instance, if the product or service categories are not defined and distinguished, and users have to navigate their way with difficulty, they’ll probably just leave altogether.

Therefore, it is undeniably important that your app has options for sharing your products, their reviews, or an interesting blog on the app. It enhances the audience to reach and boosts marketing.

6.     Offer discounts on referrals

It goes without saying much that users are always looking out for discounts and offers. You can introduce a discount on the first ever download of your app, or you can encourage sharing your app, by offering more discounts on consumers sharing your app. It works on the principle of snowball marketing – you reach out to one consumer and let the ball rolling.

email marketing

7.     Email marketing

Contrary to what some mortals may think, email marketing is still a powerful source to reach out to your audience and subscribers. If you want your consumers to know about your app, drop an email to them. For further effectiveness, you can offer a discount on your products or services if users download your app via the link you've provided in the email.

8.     Optimize and use your mobile site

Mobile optimized sites are a significant tool in marketing your app. Due to the fact that people spend more time on their mobile devices these days than on any other device, you need to have your site optimized for mobile.

Optimise mobile site

Such a site is more reachable to the audience, and this can play an important role in inviting visitors to your app. You can build a small promo or an ad for your app and add that to the mobile site. The easier it is for the consumers to download your app, the better.


With the unfathomable speed with which app development industry is flourishing is remarkable. If you want to succeed and make it through, you have to give all you’ve got – from the best app developing company to using intelligent marketing tactics.

There is no holding you back once you’re on the right track and have selected multiple effective app marketing strategies.

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