6 Private Search Engines You Must Consider to Use

Updated on: August 8, 2020

Aren’t you afraid of your private information being leaked to third parties when you use sources like Google to conduct your searches? Let’s be honest, privacy concerns have been there for a long time. But by using some of the top private search engines, you can protect yourself from getting into problems like hacking. Incognito mode might not leave any history on any browser but your information does get stored and can be misused. Now, from the tons of available private search engines, which one should you opt for? Here are 7 top search engines you can consider to protect yourself from any kind of trouble.

1.   DuckDuckGo

Get an amazing search experience by using this private search engine with more than 10 million searches every day. Since we know Google traces each, and every step was taken by the user to pop up the screen with more relevant content, we cannot keep our searches private. By using DDG, your privacy will never be at stake, and you can search everything you want without having a fear of being tracked.



  • You can narrow down the searches by choosing a particular region in the settings.
  • All search results are found on one page instead of multiple pages. Let’s be honest, no one goes to the other available pages due to a myth that only the information available on the first page is useful.
  • Get ad-free search results by disabling ads in settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts can easily be use including H for the search box and M for main search result
  • Modify the appearance as you please by going through the themes section in settings


  • It is not a web browser, merely an extension that works with other browsers.
  • Not all the content provided by DDG is its own, it access content to other search engines to provide results
  • Even after being one of the most popular search engines, DDG cannot match the size, and accuracy of Google

2.   Wolfram Alpha

Unlike other search engines, Wolfram Alpha will not provide you with a list of pages that might have the answer. Instead of that, it will direct you directly towards the most relevant solution or answer to the typed query. Due to this, it is often known as a fact search engine or answer search engine



  • Type your query in fewer words, and get the most detailed answer. No need to explore different web pages to get all the information you require.
  • No other search engine like Google is use for acquiring information. It puts in a lot of efforts to extract information from genuine sources
  • After collecting the information, the staff ensures it is presented in the right manner
  • Updates the presented information as and when required to serve its users with the best possible answers.


  • Wide information on the available topics but still limited to a certain area

3.   Startpage

Startpage is a well-known name when it comes down to private search engines. It has won many awards for the same.



  • The most secure private search engine since it does not store the IP address neither does it implement tracking cookies.
  • Encryption using HTTPS ensures no outsider can get access to your searches
  • Best for people who always expects answers from Google since it gets data from there, and presents it to the users without Google getting any idea about who or where you are
  • Received many awards for the privacy it provides to the users


  • Even after being claimed as one of the best private search engines, Startpage generates its income through the ads that appear on it. Now, once a user clicks on the ad, he is exposed to the actual torrent, thereby meaning his identity is no longer a secret.
  • No matter how much privacy it claims to have, it does collect some of the data from its users to give the ad companies an idea about the audience

4.   Oscobo

This UK-based private search engine was created based on the fact that personal information of users must remain personal. Instead of giving advantages to big companies, this search engine keeps the interest of the users the top priority.



  • Since it is UK-based, all the users belonging there gets the results they expect. No need to change the location again, and again.
  • No cookies ensure no data whatsoever is tracked by the search engine.
  • Information is collected ONLY if the user clicks on the ad. Two ads at the most appear on this search engine.
  • Provides privacy with or without incognito mode


  • As it is UK-focussed, only the users belonging to that location gets to reap the benefits
  • Even if a user accidentally clicks on the ads, the search engine gets access to the information

5.   Gibiru

Search Google without being at risk of privacy invasion. It is exactly what google was like 10 years back. Go through this private search engine, search everything including images, text, etc.



  • No chances of any data leaks to the third parties
  • Faster than most of the available private search engines on the web
  • Make all the relevant searches from your browser


  • Requires you to download a proxy software which is time-consuming
  • You might come across poor grammar and typos

6.   Disconnect Search

One of the best options to conduct anonymous sources from your favorite search engine preferably Google. You can use the browser extension to get access through your preferred browsers.



  • Conduct as many anonymous searches as you want using Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine of your choice
  • Well-known for the privacy it maintains
  • Get access to a wide range of available privacy functions


  • Less effective as compared to other available options
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