5 Ways to Safeguard Your Information

September 13, 2013

The internet is very helpful when it comes to finding all sorts of information. However, some people could also use the internet to look for private details about you and steal your identity. Here are five ways to safeguard your information on the internet and keep yourself away from harm.

Protecting Your PC

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Use Trustworthy Websites

Always make sure that the websites that you visit are safe to use. Read the fine print before signing-up for anything. Simon Smelt, an economist who manages the survey website Simplyquick.com revealed that in a survey among 90 top websites, only 30 percrent of them gave assurance that they won't sell private information to 3rd parties.

Trusted websites

If signing up is necessary, always make sure that you are not giving away information that you think might compromise your privacy and safety.

Check Web Security

As long as you are connected to the internet, you will always be vulnerable to attacks. People could steal a lot of information from your computer via the internet. With proper malware, spyware and virus detection programs, you will lessen your chances of becoming a victim.


Also make sure that the websites you visit use encryption when sending and receiving sensitive information since encryption prevents hackers to easily access your data.

Manage Computer Cookies

Web browsers use computer cookies to remember your passwords and usernames so you do not have to retype them every time you log back in on your computer. In general, computer cookies are very helpful and are safe.


However, some websites use your cookies to learn more about your internet activities. To avoid this, you can turn on your web browser's cookie notices to let you know when a website is trying to use your information.

Create an Alternative E-mail Address

When you are posting anything on forums, mailing lists and chatrooms, it is advisable to use an alternative e-mail address.


Some places on the internet openly display your e-mail address, making you become susceptible to spammers and other cyber-criminals. Having an alternative e-mail address also protect your real e-mail address from unwanted mail and possible security threats.

Keep Sensitive Information Away From the Public

Sometimes, people like to post very personal comments on the internet, but they do not realize that other people could find and read these comments through search engines. If you're not careful, you might accidentally give away sensitive information for cyber criminals to use. Avoid posting comments and other internet posts that contain your personal data in places where other people could see them.


Social media and SEO make it easier to connect with other people, but they could also threaten your privacy. Reputation.com privacy company can help you keep your life private by safeguarding your information and hiding what you do not want other people to see on the internet.

The internet remains a very useful tool in our society despite the dangers that come with it. With proper guidance and caution, you will be safe from all the dangers present on the internet.

Protecting Your PC
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