5 Solid Reasons to Launch a Direct Mail Campaign

Updated on: January 19, 2015

Direct mailers impress potential consumers.  The marketing endeavour is successful when offers are time sensitive and consumers a part of a targeted family of buyers.  If successful engagement and higher sales is not reason enough, consider five reasons to launch a direct mail campaign.

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It’s Not Passive

Launching a website is a perceptive business move – as long as potential consumers find the site.  However, the digital marketing endeavour is, in part, passive; consumers must find the site, yet direct mail marketers are more aggressive regarding starting or maturing a relationship with buyers.  In times when consumers have more choices than ever, being passive is next to nonexistent.


It’s Tangible

People enjoy immediate gratification.  Catalogues and printed marketing materials provide an experience that digital pages cannot.  The tactile experience of holding materials in hand while reading about offered services and products is something getting lost on consumers as more brands embrace digital methods of marketing.  Direct mailers are tangible, something consumers hold in hand.  Consumers are much more likely to be impressed by something in hand.  Moreover, materials set down are left to prompt future considerations and purchases.

Your Competitors Aren’t Doing It

Successful businesspeople differentiate themselves from the competition.  If your competitors are quickly accepting digital methods of advertising while neglecting proven methods of the past, let them.  Contrary to their forward thinking, use the entire cannon of available marketing tools to your advantage.  Direct mail is effective in reaching a targeted audience and in inspiring a time-sensitive response, but don’t wait for your competitors to remember that.


It’s an Opportunity to Give

Consumers love saving money and added incentives for becoming a steady customer.  Direct mail campaigns associated savings and added reason to pique consumer interest.  Describing your mechanic team’s commitment to service and ongoing study is great, yet mentioning your team, while providing a coupon leading to substantial savings, is even better.  Customers expect self-gratifying marketing materials from vendors; yet, not all customers expect incentives.  However, they all appreciate it.  Browse https://www.stinkyinkshop.co.uk/ to find deal on printer cartridges and associated print needs if printing materials in-house.

It’s Cost Effective

When done right, most campaigns are cost effective as marketers assess response rates, modify approaches, and make improvements for subsequent campaigns.  Depending on the price of offered services and contacts, a response rate of 1 or 2 per cent is considered an incredible success.  Moreover, good businesspeople know it costs more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Direct mailers act as ‘feelers’ regarding the emotional warmth of existing clients, and whether new or developing products and services are interesting enough to warrant a future response.

In some scenarios, a poor response rate indicates a lukewarm reaction from the larger market, which saves thousands on production costs.  Direct mailer campaigns cost little while possibly save companies more money associated to unwanted offerings.

Direct mail campaigns remain effective and profitable for businesses that put forth effort in maintaining a separate database and build upon existing customer bases.  Beyond added sales, smart businesspeople use print materials to present incentives, tangible marketing materials, and a means of measuring the subsequent responses of targeted markets.

John Sollars started his own business StinkyInk.com back in 2002. He enjoys sharing his business insights online and his articles mainly appear on business and upstart blogs.

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