5 Reasons Why you Should not go for free Hosting Service for your Blog

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Free, Free, Free!!! And we are all tempted to what the noise is all about tough we are all aware that there is no such thing as free in this hard world. “Free” is the other form of fleecing you and that means, you need to remain aware of such shoddy practices if you want to stay insulated from any unsettling incidents. The same is the case with free web hosting services. Though I have nothing against offering free web hosting, they are certainly doing a great job by letting people hosted their website for free, I am against the shoddy practices that are quite rampant in this field. Turning a blind eye to these problems will not solve the problem and that means, you need to face the problem headlong. Here we are going to make you see the flipside of free web hosting so that you should think twice before zero in on them:Free-web-hosting-avoiding
1. Ads heavy: The main acquisition against free web hosting service providers is that they make a website ads heavy that leads to poor users experience. Just check out some websites that are being hosted for free and you will be able to see that most of them make your life miserable as you will see your browser is getting messed up with innumerable and highly irritating ads that have got nothing to do with the websites. Pop up ad is the most nagging thing that most of us would ever like to face again. Moreover, Google is up against arms against ads heavy sites and that means, if you do not want to face the wrath of Google, it is high time, you should shift your attention to a viable alternative.


2. Poor technical Support: Now, how on earth you can expect that you will have a professional technical support at your service whenever your website will face problem since you are not paying a penny for getting your website hosted. As the website hosting company is not that much attentive about the service as a paid hosting service provider would do, you need to think twice before deciding.

3. Outrage is Common: Since hundreds of website is going to share the same space, you cannot expect that web hosting company is going to offer a huge bandwidth limit for your website. So, whenever your blog start seeing a spike in the traffic, your website may go offline because of small bandwidth limit. This is pathetic and there is no easy way out to deal with such thing.

4. Bad Neighborhood: When you are going for free hosting, you can be sure of one thing that there will be hundred of websites sharing the same IP address and so that means, there can be some adult websites, some poker sites which is definitely not a plus from search engine optimization prospect. The ball is in your court and you have to decide its fate.

no bossing
5. You are Not the Boss: Since you are not paying anything for it, the hosting company can pull plug on your website without giving any prior notice. I have faced similar situation when the web hosting company pulls all its support because it believes that my website was violating its rules and regulation. So unless you do want to face the situation, my suggestion is to go for a paid web hosting plan. There are several discount coupon available on some premium hosting companies like – Godaddy, UK2, Netfirms etc and all you need to do is grab any of them and you will be good.

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  1. There are certain things you might have missed out. For eg. free hosts offer a limited connectivity in terms of speed. This affects the loading speed, which in turn affects it Google PageRank and much more. So if u really want to monetize your site, quality hosting is the way to go!

    1. Hello Jyothis thanks for sharing with us ,we appreciate such kind of comments from our readers,its really helpful for other visitors.Keep reading and keep reviewing

  2. I use this niche tool to check for connectivity issues for a particular site. Do try it 🙂

    Any amateur can use it.. its as simple as searching in Google 😀

  3. I have used free service once, but soon it started creating problems. After few months, I found that my site wasn't accessible to me and finally it got hacked.

    God Knows !! what was the reason behind that.

    1. Yaa its happen with FREE services,they are damma bad for new comers ,most of them are vulnerable for intrusion 🙁 they have lots of Security pitfalls. I suggest u go with some good service

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