5 Exceptional Systems for Blogger to Increase Productivity

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Do you want to increase your productivity as a blogger?

Off course, everyone wants to achieve more, drive more targeted traffic and make more money. The beauty of blogging is that you can achieve multiple successes without sacrificing the other. A lot of people still struggle to break even in their online business and that’s my motivation for this blog post. You should pause whatever you’re reading right now and go through till the end. There are rare goldmines to pick along the way.

Why Are Blogging Systems Vital?

Will your business still survive and earn money when you’re travel or leave it for a while? Few successful bloggers can boast of having established systems but beginners still struggle to get beyond this.

You need a system to produce more, influence more prospects and engage your readers. An effective blogging system makes it possible to leverage on other’s foundation for quick success.

Viral Video System

Viral Video System

       1. Quick Viral Video System

The first blogging system you should consider is the “quick viral video system.” If you’re yet to create your first video, there is no better time than now. The web is not powered by words alone; videos hold the lion share also.

Did you observe the search engine result pages (SERPs) for most popular key terms? You would discover that Youtube videos outrank quality articles. This seems unusual and unfair, but that’s what visual marketing is all about. People are enticed by what they see than what they read. Take your blog to the next level by showing people how to get a particular thing done.

Ensure your video clips are quick and short. People would willingly share it with friends and social media fans. Sit back and watch your blog grow beyond borders.


        2. Automated Twitter Messages

Do you’ve all the time in the world to tweet and market on twitter? Absolutely not! There are better things you can lay invest your precious time in like product research, joint venture networking and conference participation.

When it comes to twitter, you should know the rule of thumb. He that has the fastest finger wins. But how do you ensure success with twitter when you barely have time to attend to your lovely family?

Automate your twitter messages. Fortunately, there are 100s of free tools to help you schedule a month’s tweets and go to bed. A quick search on Google would reveal these tools. Make full use of them and achieve your success.

Image Gallery Stock

Image Gallery Stock

      3. Have An Image Stock

I think I should reveal this technique to you. Having an image stock blog can help you drive targeted traffic and quality links to your money making blog. How? Millions of people need photos for their blog posts. But there are few stock photo sites available. By having one, you’re going to achieve tremendous success.

Whenever your photo is used on a blog post, your website link would be credited as the source. The same way you give credit to flickr.com photos, that’s what happens with your own pictures.

You don’t have to be stereotyped on article marketing alone. Web users do not search for information only, they are also looking for photos for their projects, sites and prints. If you optimize your images well (alt and title), you would drive avalanche of search engine traffic.


Improved Article data quality

      4. Write A Pillar Article

So many bloggers are seeking for shortcuts for success and that has led to complacency and laziness. Until you stop complaining and start writing, nothing meaningful would happen to your business. Have you written a pillar article yet?

By the way, a pillar article is that type of article that is detailed, informative, interesting and has plenty of references across the web. This type of content is not for hit-and-run bloggers, it’s for those who are ready to scale through huddles and triumph.

For all my niche blogs, pillar articles have been my ranking factor. Even on my recent discount blog where I review some popular household brands like sittercity coupon and 6pm discount codes. Your blog is about to dominate the web when you start writing pillar contents.

Google and other search engines love pillar contents. This content gives them enough room to crawl and often, ranking for such articles are easier notwithstanding the competition. A pillar article is a perfect blogging system that keeps sending real visitors your way. It may not bring you money, but it can lead buyers to your “money” web pages.


Create Effective Email Contacts List

       5. Build A Mailing List

How long will you rely on Google to send you traffic?

It’s obvious you can’t predict what’s going to happen in the next few months. Google and their weird panda are scouring the web looking for a slight SEO mistake to crucify someone (web page). You need a mailing list.

No matter your niche or how profitable it seems, you need to start capturing your visitor’s email address and name. Your entire business would grow when you succeed in building a huge mailing list that’s responsive and targeted to your offers. If you ask some famous bloggers around, they would tell you that 70% or more of their six figure income is from their email list. Do you think they’re saying the truth?

Absolutely! You won’t believe it until you start sending out those quality information and affiliate offers to your list. Check your online cash accounts every morning for sales alert.

Email Services Blogging

Want To Be Productive?

There is no magic bullet to achieving success online. All you’ve to do is apply the proven strategies and scale it through. The blogging systems above are guaranteed to improve your web visits, boost your subscriber base and increase your conversion rate very quickly. But you’ve got to take action right now and implement what you’ve learned. See you ahead!

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Increase Blogging Productivity
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  1. I concur with Saurabh that, "one needs a system to produce more, influence more prospects and engage His/Her readers. An effective blogging system makes it possible to leverage on other’s foundation for quick success".
    This for sure has enlightened many on the need to give blogging systems a wider space in their blogging activities.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Strong and powerful stuff, certainly not for the amateur blogger. I particularly believ in the 'Pillar Article Concept'. How would a mailing list work, and how would I go about getting one?

  3. Building a mailing list is essential. Although obviously it's going to take a while to really build up an effective list haha, good post 🙂

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