3 Ways to Get Better & Faster Access to the Internet

Updated on: October 28, 2019


[Guest Post]Youtube quickly becoming one of the most visited websites online, serving over a billion videos every day, it is no doubt pretty obvious that a lot of people love multimedia. Just take a look at some of the most popular websites in the world and you will notice that a large percentage of them are multimedia sites. While not everyone who uses the internet does so for the sole purpose of watching that cool video or listening to that awesome music, it is no doubt obvious that we can hardly do without having a fast broadband internet connection in the world we live today.

Fast Internet Browsing

Fast Internet Browsing

Having a faster internet connection can save you time, money and sanity, and it can mean the difference in you getting twice as much the results you are getting or none at all. The reality is that not everyone can afford a faster internet connection, and as a result, this article will be giving you 3 of my favorite ways to get faster access to the internet.

1.Use a DNS Server




The first step you should take when trying to get faster access to the internet is to use a DNS server. This particular option is one of the best and most effective, and it is also universally effective. Computers speak a different language from what we humans speak and as a result the best way to get them to act fast is to speak their language. Computers understand IP addresses (e.g. easily when compared to hostnames (e.g. google.com) and as a result are more likely to respond faster to an IP address than to a hostname. Using a DNS server makes it extremely easy for the website you are visiting to understand your request as another computer is communicating with it directly, and as a result will lead to your internet connection becoming faster.

2.Use a Proxy Service


Proxy Server configuration

Proxy Server

Another way you can get faster access to the internet is through the use of proxy services. While this option might not be as effective as a DNS service, it can be very effective if most of your online activities have to do with a particular location. Whenever you try to visit a website in the US and you are accessing the internet from another country, due to a lot of factors, you might not get the same speed as someone who is accessing the same website from the US. If most of the websites you visit are in the US and you live in a different country, using a proxy server in the US will make you get the same speeds as someone accessing the website from the US.

[note]Use only secure(SSL enable),protected and well-know proxy servers e.g  Proxy4Free[/note]

3.Optimize Your Computer



Optimize computer

Very few people realize this, but in most cases, your internet connection isn’t slow because of any of the two factors above, it is slow because your computer is slow. Always make sure you upgrade your computer regularly and that you keep on optimizing it for better speed and performance. If you can work on eliminating all those add-ons you hardly use, uninstalling applications you don’t need, and making your desktop uncluttered you will be able to notice a significant increase in the internet speeds you will be getting.see our last post

This is a guest article written by Paul, at expert at helping people discover the best internet options.

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  1. Hi Paul, this post is interesting and powerful. I love to use broadband internet connection and that is why I choose it. Thanks for sharing this tips to enlighten me more on some other benefits of using fast speed internet.

  2. Very cool post. I just recently started following your blog, but I look forward to contributing more in the future.

  3. I guess get a dsl instead of wireless connection. I guess that is more faster compare to the usual wireless connection.

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