2020 Training Technology Trends To Watch Out For

Updated on: July 4, 2022

2020 has been full of ups and downs, to put it mildly. The year has brought about an unprecedented change to lives across the globe. Thanks to these unforeseen developments, everyone’s expectations from the year have completely changed. Trends that seemed important at the beginning of the year have suddenly become meaningless and other trends have come into focus.

Among the few industries that have seen a growth in demand, the learning and development (L&D) industry is perhaps garnering the most amount of attention. As students and employees continue their studies from their homes, the importance of online learning has never been as critical as it is today. Hence, it is important to revisit the rising trends in the L&D industry and see how they will influence our lives and other industries in the coming days.

In this article, we will be discussing the three technological trends that we see emerging from the L&D landscape as the world recovers from the current global emergency Let us see what these are:


When workers get back to manufacturing plants to operate heavy machinery, it is important that they get a refresher about how to operate safely. While providing a complete refresher training course may not be feasible, just in time delivery of information can help.

geoFencing Infographics

This is where geofencing can help. The technology uses location-based triggers to provide information to learners on a real-time basis. Coupled with mobile learning apps, geofencing technology can provide learners with key information on their smartphones, when it is most relevant.

Training For Gig Workers

As more and more people lose their job, the already significant gig economy is bound to grow. In such a time, organizations must focus on building lasting relationships with freelancers that work with them.

Providing relevant training to such gig workers can be a step forward in that direction. Since in most cases, gig workers don’t have access to traditional employee systems, organizations may have to rethink their training delivery methods to involve freelancers.


One of the best ways to cater to the unique training needs of gig workers is to adapt to a mobile device training delivery approach. Mobile LMS is accessible and affordable, and thanks to SCORM content standards, you can start delivering training on a mobile LMS almost immediately.

The Rise Of LXPs (Learning Experience Platform)

Lately, as professional development and growth become increasingly important factors for top talent while evaluating a potential employer, organizations have started combining their mandatory employee training needs with on-demand training for their employees.

As a result, there is an increased need to understand the skills and shortcomings of each employee and this need is being fulfilled by artificial intelligence mentors, chatbot training tools, and content curation applications.

LXP-learning experince

These tools, when combined with training material sourced from different sources, are transforming the traditional employee training to a training experience that is tailor-made for each individual employee. As machine learning and AI technologies become more accessible, we expect learning experience platforms to become a commonplace tool in learning and development circles.


If you have noticed a pattern emerging out of these trends, that dictates that mobile-based, personalized training is the future of learning and development, especially in corporate use case scenarios, it is not a coincidence.

As remote collaborations become more widely accepted, it is important that organizations invest in training tools and technologies that allow them to address their training needs for the new-age workforce. How do you think the future of L&D will take share after the pandemic situation gets better?

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