10 Reasons to Choose Renault Duster 4x4 for Your Next Road Trip

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Perfect Timing and safety is a major concern in current automobile sector. Its really important to choose right and perfect bridge for your next adventures road trip. We are living in technological age where automation and quick execution is really essential like Instant messaging apps (WhatsApp).

The concept "Drive like hell !" is now more focused and manageable  than previous with the help of emerging automobile technologies. "Change is Refreshing" and Renault Duster AWD(All Wheel Drive) is  live example of it. A capable off-roader SUV which will enhance your outing experience recursively.


From that point forward there has been no thinking back and the Duster won honors for the auto it was. It is sensible, enjoyable to drive with a motor which is sensationally responsive. I personally experienced  on field chemistry of  new baby of Renault during Blogadda's AWD event. which was held in Lavasa, Pune. A remarkable journey with full of entertainment, full of energy including top Pandit's of automobile sectors.

The new variation of the SUV ‘Renault Duster AWD' is covering major features like touch-screen infotainment dashboard system, steering mounted Controls, 2-DIN stereo framework, back ventilating vents, keyless passage and back stopping sensors. It also include Antilock Braking System(ABS) with Electronic Brake-power Distribution, Emergency Brake Assist and Dual SRS Front Airbags are key-points of new child. I know AWD is something new to all newbies to understand but more complex to clarify its usages.


If you are looking to get your next Bridge(SUV) for your upcoming travel trips then here are some reasons to go with Renault Duster AWD.

Features of new child of Renault Duster(AWD) :

1. Compartment Design Change

2. Engine Modified for Future Enhancement

3. T-Coupled structure along with Plug and Play Architecture

4. BCM ( Body Control Module )

5. High Ground Clearance

6. Enhanced TLA gearbox with Gear shift indicators

7. Advance Electronic torque converter 

8. ESP ( Electronic Stability Program ): It include's ABS, Wheel & Steering sensors which are used to analyse right angle during high speed drive of SUV.

9. Hill assistant  during heal zone traveling

10. Eco mode for better fuel efficiency

There are very few progressions to the outside of the auto however Renault has figured out how to give the Duster AWD a remarkable set of changes which separates it from the general auto. In any case it gets, what Renault calls "Anthracite" composite wheels, obscured headlamp groups and matte dark B-columns on the RxZ trim. Of-course, the organisation has dealt with providing for it a few symbols at the back which obviously states that it is an AWD,so no disarray there.


Within the auto sees a ton more changes and this incorporates another three-unit instrument group which now offers an immediate fuel utilization meter. At that point there is another three-spoke guiding wheel, double tone ash and red seats with another beehouse outline and some delicate touch plastics on the upper allotment of the new double tone, dark and light black dashboard. In spite of the fact that we would have favored a completely dark dashboard, Renault thought it insightful to run with a double tone complete.

AWD framework is something new in 4WD. There's the new electronically controlled 4x4 framework which Renault calls i-Drive Technology, the Duster AWD additionally gets autonomous suspension at all four corners.


When I first drove the standard Duster, I felt that the grip was somewhat on the heavier side, yet the one in the AWD feels distinctive, lighter and subsequently agreeable to drive. Renault has abbreviated the apparatus proportions on the 4x4; particularly the first rigging which provides for it a noteworthy preference. You acknowledge how imperative this is the point at which you take the auto go 4x4 romping as it is less demanding to creep down steeper inclines. At that point there is the ESP and Anti Skid Resistance, which gets you out of tricky conditions.

Catch some great movements of Off-road driving.

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaApQCEwRS4']

Overall new Renault AWD is best suited for Off-Road driving along with most safety features. Ultimately its indeed requirement of any buyer. Wanna buy one ?

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  1. Well this car is made in my country,Romania . Sincerly is the best car for off road.Is made for bad roads and bad situations.Is very cheap compared to other cars and strong in long time. +1 for Duster .

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