Best 10 Medical WordPress Themes for a Healthy Project

Updated on: May 18, 2020

Even if we hated doctors when we were children, we have to deal with them when we are grownups. Sometimes it's visiting a doctor, sometimes it's making a website for doctors. Well, sometimes we happen to become doctors ourselves, but that is rare and usually inherited from our parents. Nevertheless, the medical niche is flourishing, creating working places for docs, nurses and web designers.Why didn't I mention programmers? Because you don't have to hire one in order to create a medical website. Programmers may cost a pretty penny, and if you are going to keep your patients informed and updated about clinic, and not take part in a web design competition where participants show off their unique designs, you don't need to overcomplicate this and spend a fortune. Actually, you can do it yourself, if you have a ready-made WordPress medical theme and a spare evening. You purchase a template, you customize it. As simple as that.

You may have several questions, though. First, why WordPress? WordPress is the handiest CMS which is mostly used for blogs and corporate websites. It's simple and intuitively understandable even forbeginners. How should you choose a template? Make sure that it comes from a trustworthy template provider, it has support and it looks neat and modern. How can you check if it's modern? Take any recently released templates of the biggest theme providers and click them through. Usually, they follow the latest web design trends and you can get the idea of how a modern website should look like. Speaking of support - ideally, it's a 24/7 support. How can you check if a template provider is reliable? Check by the number of years they are in the business. If their customers trusted them for that long, chances are they are good at this. I decided to play big and to take the oldest template provider on the Web which has been there almost from the days when the concept of a tempalte appeared. These guys know their trade, their provide a 24/7 support, create great web designs and refund in case you are not satisfied with the product. You may have heard of them - they are TemplateMonster, a company which has been producing themes for 14 years already. The earned praise from their customers is expressed in a quite impressive number - 9.7 points out of 10 on TrustPilot. A bit more than a dozen years and a bit less than 30 thousands templates during this time released - their team seems to be really result-oriented.

Here you'll see 10 recently-released medical WordPress themes from this company which afterwards may become either a basis for your website or just serve an inpiration for your website - it's up to you.


Healtro - Private Medical Clinic Responsive WordPress ThemeTestimonials section, a contact form, a Google map at the bottom of the website and the headshots of a medical team are those triggers which willl launch a flow of conversions. Don't forget to run a blog - that is very helping issue in regards of both SEO and interest of your readers towards your website in particular.DetailsDemo



A plastic surgery WordPress template may become a great option for those who need to create a website of this subject. So, if you are looking for a neat responsive web design which would look appealing to those who'd like change something about their appearance, feel free to check out the live demo.


BeDentist - Dentist & Medical WordPress ThemeDetailsDemo

For those who care about their teeth, a website like this and all the information which you provide in it, will be a windfall. Lead their attention from the top of the website with a hero image to the types of service that you provide and recent blog posts to hold them on your website for longer. Social media integration deserves a special mention - use the images of your business to show your visitors that dentist visits may be fun. More or less.


ItsaGirl wodpress themeThe calmest color combination is used for a design created for one of the happiest periods of future mothers - being pregnant. Intercept the questions of the women before they actually have a question - put the content into the boxes, structurizing all the necessary information that they need to know. DetailsDemo

UniversalCare wordpress theme

When choosing a WordPress medical theme, you normally have to choose between 2 colors: green or blue. Both of them symbolize medicine, and you may get stuck wondering which color would perform better. If you have this problem, this template is definitely for you - it combines both colors, making this design look trustworthy and calm. DetailsDemo


Hypnosis WordPress ThemeTo astonish you with embaracement of riches, here's another medical WordPress theme which you might like. There are 2 unquestionable advantages in the design. Firstly, it's green, and color green, as we know, is one of the best colors to give hope and belief. Secondly, it has a Parallax effect, which makes the website look deeper and more engaging, while a website visitors stays for some more time just to scroll the website and to enjoy the Parallax effect. DetailsDemo

Home Health Care Agency

Home Health Care WordPress ThemeOne of the lately released medical WordPress themes is Home Health Care Agency. It's a great way to represent your organization online, exposing it to a wider audience and, thus, growing the number of those who will convert. Although medical themes may seem similar to each other at first, the difference lies in the details. This template, for example, has a bigger back-to-top botton than usual and a simpler layout, so that the elderly audience would be able to figure out the website without help of others.DetailsDemo

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic WordPress Theme
Flat design is a hot web design trend, and this template includes it. Parallax effect and widgets with hover effect raise user experience to a higher level, making it more entertaining for a visitor and more beneficial for you. Keep in mind that any of these WordPress templates would look look perfectly well on any screen size, because all of them are responsive.DetailsDemo

Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care WordPress Theme
If you are looking for a caregiver WordPress theme, consider using this one . We've already mentioned that widget, social media integration and Parallax effect may impact the conversions greatly, but such a great feature as video integration was left unmentioned. Have a look at this theme demo and think of how you could use the video for your project. Maybe you have some good media which would be of great interest to your potential customers.DetailsDemo


Dentic WordPress Theme
Another great medical WordPress theme is created for dentist projects and includes Parallax scrolling, the one which you have already seen in the previous templates. Put the call-to-action button right on the hero image so that a website visitors sees it as soon as he enters the website. Chances are, he or she will also see it before they leave, and this CTA may stay hovering on the back of their mind and lead them to a conversion afterwards. DetailsDemo

Hopefully, you have found a template which would be right up your street. If you haven't - don't worry, there are plenty of others available, which can inspire you and become the basis for your online business presence. Creating websites with ready-made WordPress templates is easy and enjoyable, as soon as you figure out which design you need. In this huge selection, choosing the right template which would meet a hundred percent of your requirements, is probably the hardest thing. And if you happen to enjoy setting up your project, you might even consider becoming a professional designer. Life is short, you know, why not? Besides, these TemplateMonster guys help you create your own web design studio on 60 days. Just one more possible way of your further life development.

Healtro - Private Medical Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme
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