Convert Flash to HTML 5 Online


It has  been 5 years since the announcement of  HTML5, still we are watching the war between the staunch flash developers  and HTML-5  web-makers who continues to fight with their SWF and CANVAS swords :).Of course as a developer

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How to be more Productive


You probably do not want to admit, but we love the distractions. In fact, just like the monkeys, we get a shot of dopamine every time something moves our attention in another direction, because you think that checking email so …

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Understanding Business Challenges in Startup Investment

investment banking startup

Good Investors & liquidity of capital are two major pillers of successful startup.Its make your organisation from Zero to Hero position.But while dealing with this circumstances we have to be careful & have to  analyse forthcoming challenges  Following points will …

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Hacking Your Learning


Hacking the way you learn :

Why do you learn what you learn? In fact, why do you do what you do? Do you enjoy what you do? These questions have proved to be the essential guidelines as I pursue …

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