E-paper walls – the Future of Reception Areas?


The UN has recently unveiled what is believed to be the world’s largest E-paper sign, which effectively covers an entire wall and ably demonstrates the effectiveness of ‘tiling’ a series of e-paper panels.

The wall was created at the UN …

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Tips for Developing a Gaming Website

Game Development

Many people have played games online such as Criminal Case, Club Penguin or Runescape or maybe even Neopets! Many people would also like to create them if it wasn’t so hard and it didn’t cost so much. Some people are …

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How to Improve Intra-Office Communication

office social wall

In large offices, it’s not possible to run somewhere every time you need to talk to someone. For this reason, many companies have developed products and tools to improve intra-office communication. There are literally thousands, but here are a few …

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5 Terrific New Travel Apps

traval app best

The recent wave of travel apps all promise to smooth and simplify the entire route and trip planning process. From the fun to the innovative to the downright practical, there are a number of excellent services out there, all designed …

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