4 Free Tools to Unblock Block Websites in India

Every Internet user has rights to browse everything across the web. There is no doubt that Internet is making people more aware and smart, but as this wave is increasing in the world, we are able to see some bad side effects of same. Recently Indian government ordered few ISP’s to ban Porn Sites and few useful sites like GitHub, PasteBin etc. Banning harmful sites is really appreciable but banning useful sites is unethical and its violation of internet rights of every human in this world.


If you are the victim of similar case studies then to get rid of this mess, our technology always has alternatives.

Technology can Create Rules & Technology can Break Rules Too !

If you want to unblock blocked websites by ISP here are few tools which help you to browse it within few clicks.


1. CyberGhost VPN – Free Proxy with no Logs

CyberGhost’s Chrome add-on is FREE to use for everyone. It’s additionally simple to utilize. Simply hit our Power catch and your IP will be changed in a brief moment.

CYBER GHOST VPN Unblock Websites

CyberGhost is a trusted VPN supplier & one of my favorite VPN service, which I used to download data from various downloading sites.

Killer Options inside CyberGhost VPN

✔  Fast online obscurity

✔ New IP

✔ Encrypted association

✔ Unblock Online substance

Having inconveniences viewing YouTube features You just need to simply Turn ON this plugin to get rid form blocking.

Download CynberGhostVPN chrome 

2. ZenMate Security Unblock VPN

The most straightforward approach to stay secure and private online while getting to the substance you cherish.This chrome extension is one my favourite and most recommended extension.

ZenMate Security is trusted by more than 10 million clients.

ZenMate VPN Unblock Websites

1. Total Security & Privacy

Scrambles and secures all your program activity! ZenMate Security gives insurance for you and your program whether you’re at home, on the go or utilizing open WiFi. Simple as an intermediary however way more secure!

2. Complete Freedom:

Unblock the web with every one of its destinations and shroud your IP by changing your area utilizing our VPN. You can browse 5 nations over the world using this extension!

3. Great Speed:

The experience most extreme conceivable scanning speed and surf the web without restrictions for nothing!

I personally used it in my chrome and its pretty awesome w.r.t performance and privacy, you can use their premium version to for more addon options

Download ZenMate for Chrome


DOT VPN is another great tool which emphasis on the similar aspect of ZenMate but as its dedicated VPN. It has some extra added features like bandwidth control and ad blocking options.

DOT VPN Unblock Websites India

Features of DOT VPN

1. Unblock sites, feature, and sound spilling administrations, informal organizations.

2. Optimized VPN system gives you boundless velocity and data transfer capacity.

3. Encryption with 4096-bit key is 2 times more prominent than keeping money principles.

4. Save up to 30% of your movement with incorporated pressure

5. Privacy and assurance of your personality under our IP addresses

6. TOR inside gives you a chance to surf .onion sites in your most loved program.

7. Integrated firewall obstructs every single inbound association with your gadget. Get most extreme quality of VPN assurance in broad daylight WiFi hotspots.

8. No advertisements in the application.

9. Free VPN record gives you 80% of all elements.

Download DOTVPN for Chrome


4. Hola Unlimited Free VPN

This is NOT a shared application like above all VPN services. This plugin does not connect to anonymous  middleware to download of some other items .This facility is completely useful and speed booster as its obliging extra download/part from service.

Hola VPN Proxy Unlock sites


Hola is basically developed to access sites blocked or controlled in your nation, organization or school and stream media. Focus of Hola is to give ultimate freedom to internet users to see what they want.

Hola is technically so strong and having a good amount of user base but due to a large number of user base its have latency issue. I used it inside my chrome and I had a good experience but not better than few strong VPN services which we discussed earlier.

Download Hola for Chrome

Here we are not denying content filtration rather we are supporting an OPEN internet. Malicious content should get penalise but blocking non harmful content is not a good idea hence counter technology like VPN help you to access banned content very easily.

Hide.me VPN  & Giveaway for BlogSaays Readers 

Here are some features of VPN you can consider while buying any VPN service to protect your privacy.


Hide.me VPN is such powerful & lightweight VPN which only have such powerful execution of below features.

  1. Privacy: Privacy is no.1 factor that hide.me support as there is no logging for any activity from this VPN service.
  2. Speed Connectivity: If you have slow internet while using PVN then it’s disgusting, hide.me provide better connectivity to all subscribers.
  3. Data Encryption: Data is now oil and gas, so making it secure using data encryption is really important and hide.me do this in the very powerful way.
  4. Kill Switch: One of the important problems of many VPN services is when you get disconnected to any network or moved to other network using Wifi then your real identity is compromised. Hide.me’s Kill Switch is having such option to protect your identity, though you move across various networks

WIN Hide.me Licenses by participiting in this Giveaway

If you have any queries about OPEN internet or VPN please do comment.

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  1. Great info…..I am using Hola…..
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  2. Hi Saurabh,

    Nice List! Was not aware of such tools. Will try free VPN, hope its simple to use.

    Thank You!
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  3. Great list, I liked the way you have made the distinction between having an open internet and malicious content. Very important.

  4. Nice list Saurabh! yeah obviously we should have freedom to surf over internet. Good Keep it up!

  5. I am trying to install a product for which the product key was purchased in India. Which tool has the options to change the current location to India as I cant find it Zenmate.I am currently in Europe.

  6. TOR Browser did not work nor hotspotshield & Fsecure Freedom VPN is working. I have tried everything, looks like nothing works.

  7. VPN is the ultimate website unblocker. It can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content at your school, the library or your office. Use it to get access to any restricted sites. I use Hide My IP not only does it cheap, but also secures online activity.

  8. Jatien Seung says:

    Thank you I take part.

  9. I used Zenmate it was the best.

  10. Thank you for the Giveaway!

    Hide.me VPN has no logs!

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